This is disgusting delete this immediately

fuck u mean. bruh hittin that jig hard as hell

Lmfaoo yass…
Literally me dancing on a cunts grave…


Let me go down on you while you tell me about your day. 


nuzzly bunbun


my heart is broke. so broken. when I look around me I see selfishness.    what’s my purpose for living if I have to kill other living beings in order to fuel my selfish desires? There is no excuse. My appetite will not control my ability to speak for those creatures that have no other option but to suffer and endure torture just so that I can sit back and drench their flesh in ketchup or bbq sauce. I will not .

Evelyn Krull
but you don’t act black
- please tell white people that this will never be a compliment (via blkdzn)

(via black-culture)